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The new international multi-location event for composites & advanced materials in Germany, EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES – powered by JEC Group, celebrates a remarkable and promising start: 175 exhibitors and 4,120 Attendees from more than 30 countries, 3 congresses with 52 conferences, a startup competition, Innovation awards and a range of educational activities.

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Participants List 2016

Automotive and Transport

  • Audi AG
  • BMW AG
  • Bugatti
  • Daimler
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • Lamborghini
  • Liebherr
  • MAN Truck & Bus AG
  • Mubea Carbo Tech
  • Plastic Omnium Auto Components GmbH
  • Porsche AG
Participants List 2016


  • AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s.
  • Boeing Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH
  • Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
  • Diehl Aircabin GmbH FACC
  • Fill Ges.m.b.H Hutchinson
  • Lindauer Dornier GmbH
  • MTU Aero Engines GmbH
  • xperion components GmbH & Co. KG
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Origin of Attendees
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A 2-day Symposium organized by CCeV

Speakers and presentations from six industries and from the entire Composites value chain were taking place during two days.

Innovation Awards

The Innovation Awards program is a contest that aims at rewarding innovative and future Composite technologies. This program concerns the entire value chain (raw materials, processes, tooling and moulding,...).

Startup Awards

The objective of the competition is to promote the innovation and the entrepreneurship spirit in the Composites field. The competition took place during EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES held in September 21-23, 2016. Up to 10,000€ cash price for the participating Startups!

Creating Connections throughout the whole Composites Value Chain

“We, at JEC Group, have always found pioneering ways to build bridges between different types of public from the R&D scientists to the industrialists and the OEMs”, says Mrs Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President & CEO. “This initiative by JEC Group will create convergence between actual market needs, industrial processes and innovative ideas through this new competition that highlights the potential of promising Startups in the industry”, she adds

Below a short profile of the winners of our Start-Up Award in Augsburg.

1st Place (ex aequo): CEVOTEC GmbH (Cash prize: 5000 €): founded in 2015 in Munich / Germany by Thorsten Gröne, Cevotec offers a production technology for Carbon Composites that works with patch laminates and empowers manufacturers to build complex parts in high volumes: Fiber Patch Placement. It also provides production systems and Composite design software, including robot programming and production simulation.

1st Place (ex aequo): COBRATEX SAS (Cash prize: 5000 €): founded in 2013 in Toulouse / France by Edouard Sherwood, the company’s aim is to sell new bamboo based reinforcements directly to Composite part manufacturers. The main products are bobbins and fabrics (unidirectional, multiaxial, woven, …) made with the innovative ribbon. They are three times lighter than standard glass fibre products and are made with industrial means of production guaranteeing homogeneity of mechanical properties.

2nd Place (prize: free location for one year in Augsburg‘s technology center): founded 2015 in Augsburg / Germany by Benjamin Brockmann and Daniel Grobe, the company offers a digital assistance software to guide and track industrial processes executed by workmen who are thus supported by process instructions using exclusively graphics and pictograms to bypass language barriers. It can be used in the field of manual assembly, maintenance and quality control. This non-textual approach is unique and Sicony sees itself as enabler for the digital revolution in the German industrial landscape.

Want to participate in the next edition of EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES?

Join us now in Augsburg on the 18-20 September 2018, and enter the competition for the Start-Up Award.



"That was a new, different and impressive trade fair with lots of practical input for practical applications. With many different ideas, imposing exhibits, international in character, with B2B potential and job prospects."
Professor Hubert Jäger, Chairman of the Board of Carbon Composites e.V.)

“I enjoyed very good discussions at EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of exhibitors at the first event of this type. The quality of the exhibitors was also exceptionally high and very international. We had a wonderful get-together in the Textile and Industry Museum and outstanding opportunities for networking and discussions. I am very taken with the format of the Multi-Location Event because real industry results are visible and tangible. That is the USP of Experience Composites. I am looking forward to the next EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES trade fair at which we shall be attending again.
(Wolfgang Hehl, Managing Director of Augsburg Innovationspark GmbH)

“We thought that EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES was very good. We have reached our target group. That is of course the main aim of exhibitors at trade fairs. We are looking forward to 2018."
(Roland Lutz, Managing Director, Gaugler & Lutz oHG)

“We had many interesting contacts and discussions with many industries, above all for our product fi:resist. We were able to generate new ideas and to narrow down the features required for our solutions even more. We attracted a great deal of attention on account of the novelty of our products and they went down very well. We are of course very pleased to have been presented the Experience Composites Innovation Award."
(Günther Hirt, Managing Director of Fisco GmbH)

"EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES presented itself as a platform for decision-makers and experts at the very first opportunity. Without exception the visitors were focussed on what we do. We had many interesting contacts. This is a start for future development".
(Andreas Stöckle, Site Manager of Airbus Helicopters Deutschland)

“Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the trade fair – the community was in fact represented in its entirety and many customers described Augsburg as being a far more pleasant compared to other locations, because visitors can see everything they want to see and that includes travelling to, and home from, Augsburg. The relatively high proportion of visitors from other countries was a pleasant surprise for me as well. There is room for improvement in integrating supporting programme and umbrella events better in future.
(Ralph R. Hufschmied, Managing Director, Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH)

“For a trade fair staged for the first time it was excellent and the atmosphere and quality was good. Now we shall have to tune up the concept for the second EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES and appeal to an even larger and more international community. I am particularly pleased at the consolidated partnership with the JEC Group and the committed involvement of industry. The start-up award instigated for the first time was a great part of the event designed to encourage up and coming firms and the power of innovation of our industry. This meant that 12 promising start-ups had an opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience. The result was that we were able to present Cevotex, Cobratex and Sicony, three highly innovative prize winners, with awards.
(Professor Klaus Drechsler, holder of the Carbon Composites Chair at the Technical University in Munich and director of the Fraunhofer IGCV Institute in Augsburg)

"We are very pleased at winning the start-up award, but also at the coaching and publicity offered to us. The trade fair was well-attended and the concept is highly innovative. We visited and made the acquaintance of many interesting exhibitors. The trade fair was very well organised and it ran smoothly. We look forward to JEC World in Paris 2017, because we shall be presenting our plant which is ready for mass production."
(Thorsten Gröne, Managing Director, Cevotec GmbH)

"We are enthusiastic about Augsburg and very pleased with the trade fair. We were able to have some good discussions and make a large number of new contacts concerning exciting applications. We like the combination of trade fair and symposium. This combination generates a great deal of technical expertise. The combination of business and science was successful too. The award we won confirms our inter-disciplinary approach to exchange with the IFB at the University of Stuttgart and the University of Chemnitz for example. EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES should develop this exchange in the spirit of open innovation. The two evening events were excellent: one was on the informal side while the other was strictly formal."
(Dietmar Dieterle, Managing Director, M&A Dieterle GmbH)

"We thought that EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES was very interesting. Many visitors found our work on our gyrocopter monocoque made entirely of carbon a key topic. It went down very well with them. We met a few potential buyers. Many visitors and colleagues were surprised at all the things that can be done with carbon as a material. The interest in our company and product were remarkable."
(René Pilz, Chief Operating Officer, Rotorvox GGC GmbH)

“In recent years MT Aerospace has stepped up its work to expand its carbon fibre reinforced plastic [CFRP] skills significantly. This strategic decision was taken with the aim of being able to use this material and the potential highly industrial production processes successfully in the space travel sector in future. Even at a very early stage there were in fact indications that there would be an increase in the proportion of CFRP components in the transition from ARIANE 5 to ARIANE 6 (currently at the product development stage). Part of the projects were carried out in scientific institutes based in the Augsburg area (DLR, Fraunhofer, University of Augsburg) and industrial associates (KUKA). As part of JEC in Augsburg we are in a position to talk about content currently running and future content with these and potential future associates outside the normal confines of a project. These discussions may be the occasion and inspiration for new projects. Given this, EXPERIENCE COMPOSITES in Augsburg is of great interest for us. In addition to this MT is represented every year at JEC World in Paris as well.
(Dr. Günther Schullerer, Senior Vice President, Head of Engineering, MT Aerospace AG)

“The exhibition has been very helpful to make new contacts and have fruitful discussions with some interesting companies in the industry. I also liked the presentations given during the symposium which helped me gain a broader perspective on different composite applications.”
(Mehmet Gurtuna - Business Development Manager, Olin Europe)

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